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Referrals and Reputation: Part 2 - Growth Through Referability
Referrals and Reputation: Part 2

What drives someone to promote you, your products, or your services? How can you make your company referable? Learn to master the referability habits.


Part two of President's Message by Gary Mottershead

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Referrals and Reputation: Part 1- Our First Referral Conversation
Referrals and Reputation: Part 1

A positive word about your company can be the difference between making a sale or losing out on a potential great hire. Learn the art of the referral.


New President's Message by Gary Mottershead


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Rubatex at Foam Expo
Rubatex Question & Answer

In preparation for North America’s premier free to attend conference we asked GCP President for his perspective on Rubatex, it’s presence in the industry, market challenges, and plans for the 2018 Foam Expo. 

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Request for Quote
Request for Quote

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GCP Industrial Products specializes in large volume delivery (container & LCL) of high performance, custom and standard industrial materials. We are comprised of eight individual brands, each serving the marketplace in different ways - but all with the same focus of delivering on price and quality.


We understand the constant pressure to reduce costs, streamline supply chains or determine new avenues of business to compete in. Either through our individual brands, or by working with you to develop materials which facilitate new opportunities, we support our customers drive for organizational growth.


With end users ranging from the largest in the world to small independents. Our experienced team works with you to establish mutually beneficial relationships where all parties have the opportunity to grow and prosper over the long-term.


Through our comprehensive product portfolio, R&D resources, manufacturing scale and company footprint that spans 3 continents, we continue to forge towards becoming one of the world’s leading industrial product companies.

Reliable Products

Savings only exist when product quality meets market requirements. We focus on supplying dependable quality products so our customers can focus on their most important responsibilities. 



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Trusted Partnerships

Strong, positive relationships which are respectful, open and honest are a big part of what differentiates GCP from most other companies. It’s collaboration that allows us to accomplish much more than we ever would be able to on our own.

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Gateway to North America

Through GCP, you will gain the support, tools and structure needed to make the leap from providing just another product to supplying a world class product sold in the most sought after market.


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