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Key People We Aim to Know at Each Approved Supplier™


Our sourcing process only works when we have full buy in from our Approved Suppliers™ and full buy in requires commitment from the top down. We’ve found when we only have one key factory contact they generally won’t be able to address all our concerns, especially when a pressing issue requires multiple inputs.

This is why we seek to build relationships at multiple levels within each factory. The more sources, the greater likelihood we’ll be in good standing with the supplier because everyone along the factory chain is in alignment and aware of our concerns, goals and opportunities.   

When we analyze our Approved Suppliers™, the ones we have the best relationships with are the ones where we know the most valuable people starting at the top.

The Owner/State Appointed Leader:

Whether State-owned or private this individual obviously holds absolute authority over the factory’s operations. To have an upstanding relationship with this individual is paramount because they will hold the final decision on pricing, contractual agreements, capital expenditures, quality credits, strategic direction and so on.   

General Manager:

In some cases this could be the same person as the owner but for larger factories it refers to the individual running the day-to-day operations of the facility. This relationship is important because he or she is the one who can enact meaningful action on most issues you will experience. From production delays to development work, if you can have a direct line to their office in order to find out answers or at least a plan of action to address your concerns. It goes a long way in building trust and confidence in a factory’s capability.  

Production Manager:

Setting production schedules, ordering raw materials and allocating man power are among this persons chief responsibilities. No question a great contact to have in your rolodex. When facing declining stock, needing your PO’s quantities adjusted or needing a rush shipment, you’ll want to communicate directly with the production manager. This individual has a lot of clout and can influence production to ensure your order is completed when you require it.

Quality Control Manager:

From finished product inspections to lab testing to raw material sourcing, the quality control manager is a valuable soul to know and be able contact at a moment’s notice.  When apparent quality issues are appearing he or she has some explaining to do. They should be taking preventive measures to safe guard against these issues appearing. So when they do arise it’s nice to know you can call up the individual directly responsible and be provided corrective answers directly.      

Your Sales Contact:

Often your principal contact at the factory and can communicate proficiently in English. This individual may not seem like it but he or she can exhibit a tremendous amount of power in terms of visibility at the factory, especially if you’re a smaller buyer. By being in good standing with them you’re virtually guaranteed they will work hard on your behalf and do their best to answer any requests you have in a timely manner.    

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for the next weeks post.

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