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President's Message: Commitment Comes First


I launched my first entrepreneurial venture in November 1989, marking more than 25 years of being in my own businesses. For all this time I believed confidence was the difference between entrepreneurs and the rest of the working world.

It just seemed all the other entrepreneurs I met and coached (past 19 years), displayed a strong belief in themselves, their ability to make decisions and follow their own path. These traits led me to deem, confidence was the reason for these abilities.

Well this past November, I was exposed to a new concept from Strategic Coach, called the 4 C’s Formula. What became instantly clear was that confidence is actually the visible result of a process we all go through. And in fact what comes first is commitment. The formula looks like this:

The first step, commitment, Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach explains: “Nothing starts until you commit to achieve a specific measurable result by a specific date in the future. Courage is next as you have to take action before you acquire the capability to achieve the result. Capability is therefore created because of commitment and courage to act, whereas confidence is the result of the first three stages.”

Dan goes on to show how crucial commitment is: “Most individuals will not take action until they feel capable and confident, but those are stages 3 and 4. You can't have confidence until you have created a new capability, and you can’t acquire a new capability until you have first made the commitment and gone through a period of courage.”

It struck me like a lightning bolt, this was the exact process I had gone through to conceive, establish, and develop my businesses. In this simple 4 C’s Formula, Dan had described my life for the past 25 years. What was even more profound was my realization that this is the basis for all individual’s growth and progress. Not just for entrepreneurs, but for everyone; our children, employees, friends, family. We all go through the same process.

The fundamental willingness to make a commitment without the knowledge or capability of how you are going to be successful is what separates entrepreneurs from a lot of other people. It is not about being “smart”, “intelligent” or “knowledgeable” that is the difference. It is simply believing in yourself, making the commitment and keeping your commitment. What the 4 C’s Formula tells us, is that you will develop the capability you need because of the courage to complete your commitment. The result is confidence.

Confidence was the outward characteristic demonstrated by all the entrepreneurs I interacted with, but I had not fully appreciated it was their willingness to make commitments which was actually the driving force behind their assurance.

As I wrote a little earlier, the 4 C’s are not just for entrepreneurs, but rather valuable for each and every person. I know my own wish is to see everyone on our GCP team be confident in their work and personal lives. The most important factor I can do to foster this environment, is encourage them to continually make commitments outside their current “comfort zone”. What happens from the moment of commitment is magical!  It has been my distinct pleasure to watch my team grow their capabilities beyond what they believed was possible for themselves when they started at GCP.

My belief is that we can provide a similar opportunity for our children. Encouraging them to make commitments, experience courage, and develop capabilities that will fuel their confidence. What is truly wonderful about this process is the confidence one develops then encourages them to make even bigger (bolder) commitments in the future. This is true growth!

The past 15 years at GCP has been a demonstration of “Commitment comes first”. Our commitment to our customers, supplier partners and team members along with the courage to try what we have not done before, has resulted in the significant capabilities the company has today. The quiet confidence within GCP influences every aspect of our work.

My last thought and hope, is that GCP can (and does) encourage you to make commitments that will results in personal and company growth while increasing your confidence to continue to flourish in the future.


Until Next Time