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May 2, 2012

Groupon Purchasing for Industrial Products

A couple of weeks ago I read an article regarding how Chinese manufactures often miss out on business opportunities because they typically only sell...
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Apr 25, 2012

Americans Have Their Say on China

Earlier this month, China Daily and GALLUP jointly released the second part to their study. In November and December of 2011 they started surveying...
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Apr 19, 2012

Lean Manufacturing in China

Yes, lean manufacturing is possible from Chinese suppliers. However it might take some time before it is realized in a widespread fashion.  A...
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Apr 11, 2012

The Most Frequent Errors that Lead to Sourcing Failure

Through our years of buying offshore and selling to the industrial marketplace, we’ve met with hundreds of purchasers, general managers and...
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Apr 4, 2012

How Chinese Factories Cut Costs

An interesting dichotomy is taking place within Chinese manufacturing. On one hand, migrant labor wages (traditionally very low) are beginning to...
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Mar 28, 2012

Mutually Beneficial Success

Sourcing offshore industrial products requires a shift of thinking at the strategic level of the business. To be completely effective it cannot be a...
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Mar 14, 2012

Offshoring: The Importance of Forecasting

When purchasing from offshore, management of lead times is critical. Especially because mismanagement often results in lost opportunities or more...
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Mar 7, 2012

Quality Assurance: The Chinese Way

As an organization we’ve spent the last 12 years trying to figure out how we can help guide our Approved Suppliers to improve their quality...
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Feb 29, 2012

Apple Should “Think Ethically”

Since the introduction of the ipod, Apple has been regarded as one of the world’s leading companies by setting the standard in excellence for...
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Feb 22, 2012

Made in U.S.A.: China’s Premium Brand?

Thought “Made in U.S.A.” may be perceived in China similarly to how “Made in China” is in North America? Guess again. Over...
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