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Congratulations Nate!

The future of the rubber industry is in good hands" - Bruce Meyer, RPN Staff

Leaky Connections Are No Kind of Fun

Surloc™ SL-TB:The Spring-Loaded Edge of T-Bolt Clamps

Even the most securely fastened T-Bolts can leak when hose lines contract or expand. 

Surloc Spring Loaded T-Bolts on the other hand assure the integrity of your most weather and pressure sensitive connections.

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Ahead of the Curve

Surloc Floating Bridge Design T-Bolts

Breaking it Down:

Value Your Boss Will Care About

Crushed EPDM Foam

What Is It:

A special bun material which is neither 100% closed nor 100% open. By passing through rollers a number of times at pressure, you produce a bun with the following superb properties:

Three Stages of Business

Three Stages of Business

How Do Entrepreneurs Achieve Freedom?

1-5-Oh! 10 Cool Facts about Canada

10 Cool Facts about Canada

Happy Birthday, Canada! 

The long weekend is almost here and you know what that means! Barbeques, fireworks, gatherings with friends and celebrating our amazing country - Canada!

There is so much to love about our national holiday, and with that being said, we've listed what we think are the 10 coolest facts about Canada!

1.  The name Canada derives from an Iroquoian word for "village", kanata, that French explorers used to refer to the area near present day Quebec City. 

R451-B: Neoprene/SBR Blend: Case Study


R451-B: Neoprene/SBR Blend

Neoprene is the critical link in the chain of polymer performance. When you want a technically superior foam, but the price point of all neoprene is too great, think R451-B.

Meets ASTM D1056-14 2C5 physical requirements

Surloc™ SL-T-Bolt: Case Study

Surloc™ SL-TB:

The Spring-Loaded Edge of T-Bolt Clamps