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Tianjin Port Explosion

Tianjin Port Explosion
As some of you may be aware there was a devastating explosion at the Tianjin port 2 days ago. After reviewing the ports in which we use to ship our products we are concerned that some of our orders may be affected by this explosion. 
We are currently in contact with our GCP Approved Suppliers™ and will confirm back once we have further information. We are also looking into diversion options for future orders and orders possibly affected. 

GCP Visits iFly Toronto!

A few times a year, the GCP team gets together for a suprise team day event. These events are recognition of a job well done at GCP and an opportunity for further team bonding. 

This past June, we went to iFly Toronto where we all participated in indoor skydiving. 

Some of our fun moments indoor skydiving are captured below. Have a look and enjoy! 

Getting Ready to Fly!

Red Rubber Available!

Red Rubber Available!

We have Premlene™ Red Rubber material available. It was ordered as smooth both sides however the customer needed fabric both sides. 

For more general information regarding product quality, applications and specifications click here

Feel free to contact us for further information. 



Please see the following product details: 

US Senate bill would allow president, governors to act against port slowdowns

US Senate bill would allow president, governors to act against port slowdowns

A bill introduced in Congress on Friday would empower the president to intervene to halt port labor slowdowns as well as strikes, and would allow state governors to initiate the process for federal back-to-work injunctions.

President's Message: Commitment Comes First

I launched my first entrepreneurial venture in November 1989, marking more than 25 years of being in my own businesses. For all this time I believed confidence was the difference between entrepreneurs and the rest of the working world.

It just seemed all the other entrepreneurs I met and coached (past 19 years), displayed a strong belief in themselves, their ability to make decisions and follow their own path. These traits led me to deem, confidence was the reason for these abilities.

President's Message: Being Authentic Leads to Sales

I recently read an article written for the New York Times about musician, Taylor Swift. The subject of the piece was about Swift’s recently released album “1989”. This intrigued me as the title for her album represented Taylor’s birth year, the same as my daughter Kristy.

Tentative Agreement Reached Between Pacific Maritime Association and Workers Union

Negotiators for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association have reached a tentative coast-wide contract agreement for five years after more than nine months of bargaining.

ILWU President Robert McEllrath and PMA President James McKenna said they were pleased to reach the tentative contract agreement. “We are also pleased that our ports can now resume full operations,” they said in a joint release.

West Coast employers attempt end run around ILWU leadership

Stillness at the L.A. Ports

Some West Coast employers are appealing directly to working longshoremen to scrutinize the details of the Pacific Maritime Association’s contract proposal, with the implication that they should not let this offer slip away because they won’t receive a better one.

West Coast Port Congestion

The situation at the West Coast port continues to worsen as ships are backing up rapidly following a decision made by employers to stop working vessels at night in order to concentrate on clearing out conjested marine terminal yards.

As of January 16th, 2015 - 13 container ships were at anchor and awaiting berthing space in Los Angeles - Long Beach.  Oakland reported that 7 container ships were at anchor and Tacoma also reported seven container ships at anchor.

Chinese New Year Closures

With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, a number of our suppliers will be closing for a period of time over the next few weeks. Below is a list of the dates they will be closed:

Premlene Sheet Rubber: Closed February 11th ~ February 26th

Premlene Solid Silicone: Closed February 13th ~ February 28th

Cellast Silicone Sponge: Closed February 16th ~ March 8th

Enlast Belting: Closed February 9th ~ February 28th