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Why Teams Win

At the end of October I took my 31st trip to China, meaning since 2000, I have spent nearly one year of my life in this country. As such, each time I go over I plan to experience something new. I do this to not only better understand the country where I hold an office and employee a staff but to also learn from their extensive history.

GCP China Team Meeting


Members of the GCP Canada Team met with GCP China Team and engaged in some awesome Team Building Activities. Below are some of the pictures captured from these fun events! 




Some Pictures of the Group...


Ahhhhh Massages...

The GCP Team Working Together! 

GCPink Participates in Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Sandra...Ready to kick Breast Cancer's Butt!
Help GCP & Sandra fight Breast Cancer by donating here:

Shoot your Age












The expression ‘Shoot your Age” refers to the game of golf and is achieved when a golfer completes a round of 18 holes shooting a score equal to or lower than their current age. This is an extremely rare event, particularly when you factor in the average score for a male is 96 (as reported by the National Golf Foundation).

GCP Introduces New Packaging

In pursuit of our ongoing effort to improve the total value offering that GCP provides, we have made some small but impactful improvements to our sheet roll packaging which we believe will provide you a variety of benefits. These upgrades include:

Happy Canada Day

Canada Day

The GCP team would like to wish you all a Happy Canada Day!

Our office will be closed on Monday June 30th and Tuesday July 1st 2014 for the Canada Day Holiday.

We will be back in office on Wednesday July 2nd at which time we will respond to all emails!


Quality is Job #1

“QUALITY IS JOB # 1” Do you remember this slogan from a few years ago? It was the main marketing message from Ford Motor Company. The meaning was clear, Ford took the issue of “Quality” seriously and quality was going to be “built in”, not just “inspected in” at the end of the production process.

Gung Hay Fat Choi

Happy Chinese New Year 2014: The Year of the Horse











With the Chinese New Year fast approaching we would like to remind you that a number of our suppliers will be shut down for a period of time over the course of the next few weeks. Below is an outline of which dates each supplier will be closed:

Sheet Rubber: Closed Jan 31st - Feb 6th

Silicone Sheet: Closed Jan 20th - Feb 7th

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas


The GCP Team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!