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Product Development in China

Over the years we’ve been contact by many individuals who possess an innovative or cool new product idea (in their eyes) which they want manufactured in China. Their primary reason for contacting us is they know we have access to multiple Chinese manufacturers and assume because it’s China they’ll be able to develop their product cheap, easy and fast.   

Not exactly.

Achieving Quality Consistency through Tractability

Achieving Quality Consistency through Tractability

One of the largest adjustments we stated making in 2012 was beginning to engage our Approved Suppliers™ as to where they were sourcing their raw materials from. We did so because we were receiving inconsistent quality (from some) and couldn’t fully comprehend why? We would monitor their production processes where everything stayed the same yet the finished batches would range in quality.

Full Service Sourcing Organization

The amount of money involved in today’s product sourcing environment is so great that you’ll find just about anybody will (and does) offer their services in hopes of making a quick dollar.

While the identification of middlemen is easy, the point of this article is hash out what your money buys you depending on the middleman you choose.   

China, US to Seek Common Interests

China, US to Seek Common Interests

GCP Supports Movember! View our Mo's - Week 3 photos

With China recently unveiling its new leadership lineup for the next five years and Barack Obama's re-election, people all over the word are wondering what it means for the future of their important relationship?

China is the Next China… This is a Recording

November or Movember if you will, marks the start of the new annual production cycle in China. That’s because the year’s Christmas orders have long shipped (August/September) and customers looking for their materials to ship before the start of the new calendar year have to have placed their PO’s by no later than mind-November.

How Hard Did Hurricane Sandy Hit Manufacturers?

Manufacturing firms represent a sizable portion of the overall number of businesses that were forced to close due to the storm. An estimated 10,000 separate manufacturing facilities were directly affected by Hurricane Sandy, and each will face a long checklist of measures to clear before returning to full productivity.

Happy Halloween

Oct. 31 means costumes, candy, some spooky fun and most definitely pumpkin carving! And anyone who’s tried their hand at carving a pumpkin knows you start by having a plan. Then you most likely draw that plan onto the pumpkin to serve as guide lines. You carefully dissect where you want to start then you’re ready to make your first incision. But after you’re first couple of cuts and that corner you can quite round, your plan goes completely out the window because you realize carving a pumpkin is damn hard!

China's Take on U.S. Foreign Policy Debate


Given Monday night’s debate on U.S. foreign policy and the fact that the election is right around corner, I thought it would be interesting to relay what the world’s second largest economy thinks of the race for The White House.   

While both candidates understand the potential positive impact painting China as the adversary can have on swaying voters to their party. The reality is the largest and second largest economies in the world could not afford the repercussions of tit-for-tat tariffs or the fall out of an all-out economic war.

Sourcing: Who Makes the Money?

There’s a popular expression which came about during the gold rush era. It states “You can either mine for gold or sell pickaxes.” 

This saying is mainly applied for when a new technology or trend emerges in business – say mining for gold, use of social media or sourcing from China. And while it may be a bit of a stretch to directly compare the gold rush era to our current time period of sourcing products from China. The mechanics remain the same.

Product Specifications: The Do’s and Don’ts

The most important aspect of product sourcing is to ensure your finished goods are meeting the required specifications. To do this properly your suppliers and inspectors need a set of well-defined product vital factors to confirm against.