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Ceramic Tile

Enlast™ Ceramic Tiles

Our easy to install alumina ceramic lining tiles reduce wear in many applications and are a proven added value product.




GCP’s range of Alumina Ceramic Tiles are composed of a variety of high-purity ceramic materials which are easy to clean and will not filter into any food products. In addition to possessing excellent wear-resistant properties our tiles are also fire resistant and will not oxidize. They will effectively prolong the service life of your equipment and are considered to be the best choice when seeking anti-wearing and anti-corrosion material solutions. Best suited for anti-wear lining applications in the grain handling and mining industries. We can also supply alumina ceramics for the coal, steel, pulp & paper and power industries!



  • High-purity ceramic tile, with excellent wear-resistant properties.
  • Alumina Ceramic lasts considerably longer than stainless steel or Ni-hard casting.
  • Great for product wherever corrosion, erosion, wear and sliding abrasion is a concern.
  • All GCP orders are custom to fit our customer’s requirements, including tile size and shape.



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