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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    World-Class quality products

2.    Opportunity to save you time and money on the products you purchase now

3.    Product development, private labeling and fully customizable products

4.    Manage your offshore purchases at no risk to you


GCP Listens

Our success depends on establishing mutually beneficial relationships.


Top Quality

GCP has made quality our first priority.


Product Deliveries

Our 360º Communication Commitment™ provides you timely information and updates as you need it. You place the order, we service and deliver!


Product Risk & Support

GCP will be there to support you every step of the way! The Risk-Free Sourcing Solution™ guides you through the entire process. GCP stands behind our products 100%.


Profitability & Growth

With our GCP Approved Supplier™ network, you’ll have access to many products at competitive prices which can propell you to enter new markets and grow your business.

We utilize our experience, systems and processes to offer a full service sourcing solution. However it is our staff and sales representatives who make the real difference. GCP has assembled a dedicated team of professionals who appreciate the people we work with and will be accountable to the needs of our customer network.

A key ingredient in our relationships is they must be mutually beneficial. One side can’t consistently win or lose. It’s a give and take bond where both sides have the opportunity to grow and prosper. We feel if we protect our relationships then the opportunity to build trust and alignment will come. From our experience we know once trust exists, the possibilities for mutual growth and success are boundless.


“Risk-Free” means eliminating any concerns or dangers you have with your outsorced purchases. This allows you to focus your attention on your most important responsibility: Your customers. Risk-Free also means you don't have to pay for your order until it's been received at your warehouse and you've inspected it. GCP will handle all of the details from order procurement to product delivery.

Strategic alignment means being connected though strong, positive relationships which are respectful in nature. By leveraging the capabilities of everyone in the supply chain; manufacturing, technical development, distribution and sales, we can work together to create a structure where everyone is focused on what they do best.The sum total of all our parts creates a deliverable far exceeding what we would be able to accomplish on our own. 

GCP has made quality our first priority. In addition to our pre-mid and final production inspection process, an important step in our Risk-Free Sourcing Solution™ (RFSS) is the “Vital Factors Checklist™”. This stage allows our customers to tell us all the essential criteria of the product they require, from: color, size, thickness, appearance, packaging, performance specs to even how you want us to communicate with you. 

Through our GCP China office, our team has visited over 500 factories and place each potential supplier through a stringent qulification process before we grant them our Approved Supplier™ status. Our evaluattion process includes auiditing everything from equipment to manufacturing processes to the management personal in place. Once selected, we collaboratively work with our Approved Suppliers™ to try and enhance their service offerings anyway we can. 


We supply World-Class quality products from more than 30 GCP Approved Suppliers™ on 3 continents, countries include: China, India, Indonesia, Turkey and United States.

Our dedicated GCP China team devote a majority of their time handeling product and production related issues such as; raw material sourcing, material development, order processing, quality control and logistics management with our Approved Suppliers™. The focus is on improving lead times while enhansing the total value we contribute to the supply chain.

No, however there are a couple of exceptions:

  • 10% deposit required for first time orders.
  • Special orders require a 20% down payment from the customer. These include: Premlene™ Silicone Sheets, Boa™ Rubber Hoses, Surloc™ Clamps, Enlast™ Belting, Enlast™ Ceramic Tiles, other Metal/specialty products and order of US $50,000+.

Payments are to be wired to GCP within 45 days from date of shipment from overseas if you are located on the East Coast.


Payments are to be wired to GCP within 35 days from date of shipment from overseas if you are located on the West Coast.




Up- Charge

Cutting piece

3" - 10" length by standard width


Cutting rubber like strip

5" strips X 50" length


15" wide and under

4 ft - 16.4 ft (length)


15" wide and under

16.5 ft - 75 ft (length)


15" wide and under

75 ft - 300 ft (length)


Width:16" - 30"

4 ft - 16.4 ft (length)


Width:16" - 30"

16.5 ft - 75 ft (length)


Width:16" - 30"

75 ft - 300 ft (length)



Yes, there are some products you can combine to fill a container.


Only products listed under the same Box below can be combined together to fill a container. For example, products listed under Box A can be combined together to fill a container. Similarly, products listed under Box B can be combined together to fill a container. You may combine up to 3 products per container. 



Premlene Silicone Sheet
Premlene Silicone Sponge
Fitrite Clamps
Fitrite Couplings
Fitrite Molded Rubber parts
Premlene Non-Asbestos Sheet
Optiflow Mill Hose
PVC Layflat hose
Optiflow Silicone Sponge Tubing


Enlast Skirtboard

Optiflow Auto Hose

Premlene Red Rubber

Enlast Engineered Structures

Enlast Conveyor Belt

Optiflow Dock Hose

Optiflow Silicone Tubing


Each product listed under Box C must be shipped in one container; these products cannot be combined with any other products to fill a container with the exception of Premlene Sheet Rubber, various compounds can be combined in one shipment.


Premlene Sheet Rubber
Enlast Ceramic Tiles
Fitrite Air Springs
Boa Industrial Hose
India Sheet Rubber/Molded parts

Please note that upon ordering, GCP will conduct a cost analysis to see which shipping options are most cost effective for you. 

Click here for the recommended trial order volume for all products.

Click here for the minimum order volume for all products.

For Premlene Sheet Rubber from China, a 20' container can hold 44,000 - 46,000 lbs and a 40' container can hold 54,000 - 56,000 lbs.


For all other materials, a 20' container can hold 37,000 - 39,000 lbs and a 40' container can hold 42,000 - 44,000 lbs. 

LCL (Less than Container Load) orders will be reviewed and possibly subject to added freight charges depending on weight and destination.

Average Transit Time:

China to West Coast: 20-23 days

China to East Coast: 30-35 days


Turkey to West Coast: 35-40 days

Turkey to East Coast: 40-45 days


India to West Coast: 35-40 days

India to East Coast: 40-45 days


Indonesia to West Coast: 35-40 days

Indonesia to East Coast: 40-45 days

When an order does not meet your standards, please contact us immediately and we will implement our Quality Control Task Force. Communication is key to resolving any issue so we ask your participation in this process in order for us to determine a prompt resolution.

Contact us and we'll help build you the business case to determine which option is best for you.