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Can I combine products to fill a container?

Yes, there are some products you can combine to fill a container.


Only products listed under the same Box below can be combined together to fill a container. For example, products listed under Box A can be combined together to fill a container. Similarly, products listed under Box B can be combined together to fill a container. You may combine up to 3 products per container. 



Premlene Silicone Sheet
Premlene Silicone Sponge
Fitrite Clamps
Fitrite Couplings
Fitrite Molded Rubber parts
Premlene Non-Asbestos Sheet
Optiflow Mill Hose
PVC Layflat hose
Optiflow Silicone Sponge Tubing


Enlast Skirtboard

Optiflow Auto Hose

Premlene Red Rubber

Enlast Engineered Structures

Enlast Conveyor Belt

Optiflow Dock Hose

Optiflow Silicone Tubing


Each product listed under Box C must be shipped in one container; these products cannot be combined with any other products to fill a container with the exception of Premlene Sheet Rubber, various compounds can be combined in one shipment.


Premlene Sheet Rubber
Enlast Ceramic Tiles
Fitrite Air Springs
Boa Industrial Hose
India Sheet Rubber/Molded parts

Please note that upon ordering, GCP will conduct a cost analysis to see which shipping options are most cost effective for you.