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Kanoes for Kids

Kanoes for Kids

A.R. Kaufman School embarks on a canoe trip down the Grand River! 

"I saw some animals such as a muskrat, blue heron and fish. I never ever saw these animals before. I liked how the muskrat swam in the water. It dove down and disappeared and popped up in another place. This day was important to me because I had lots of good fun and memories. It felt happy and peaceful. It was so beautiful there." 

Kanoes for Kids Participant


GCP loves to be involved in the community and to help provide opportunities for others…especially kids! This year, GCP sponsored a program called Kanoes for KidsKanoes for Kids provides children with special or financial need the chance to participate in a thrilling and self-empowering canoe trip down the beautiful Grand River. This program enables many children to experience a true nature adventure for their first time!


This year, GCP’s sponsorship supported a special needs class from A.R. Kaufman School. The class had the opportunity to see lots of animals as well as experience the beauty of the Grand. GCP recognizes the importance of contributing to the community and is extremely happy that their sponsorship could provide the class with such a rewarding adventure!


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