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Living Wage Employer

Waterloo Region Living Wage Employer


GCP Industrial Products is extremely proud to be a Living Wage Employer. As a registered Living Wage Employer, GCP is committed to providing its employees an hourly wage that will cover their family’s basic expenses within the Waterloo committee. The living wage is calculated based on a family of four, with both adults working full-time, year-round at 37.5 hours per week.


GCP has achieved the highest level of recognition within this designation and is recognized as a Champion Employer.  As a Champion Employer,  GCP provides all full-time and part-time employees, including students, with a living wage and is commited to championing the living wage within the industrial products industry and community.


GCP Industrial Products believes our true worth is always determined by how much more we provide in value than take in payment. Our involvement as a Living Wage Employer is a small step to ensure all our employees are fairly compensated for their work with GCP. We believe in long-term mutually beneficial relationships as the foundation for sustained success and we believe providing a living wage positions our employees, their families and community the opportunity to benefit long-term.


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