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GCP Annual Team Meeting

GCP Annual Team Meeting

The GCP Team went on a beach adventure, filled with games, paddle boarding, a bike obstacle course, and even the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Once every year, the GCP Team gets together for an offsite meeting to map out our vision for the future of the business. This Fall, we went to Leemington, Ontario, in the beautiful Point Pelee area. Our team participated in many valuable team building sessions as well as exciting activities. Some of those special moments for our offsite meeting were captured below. Enjoy!


2015 GCP Team Meeting



2014 GCP Team Meeting

Paddle Boarding Fun! 


Some More Beach Activities...


Whats a Trip to the Beach Without a Sandcastle Competition?!?...


Completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge & Team Bonding!









2013 GCP Team Meeting