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GCP on Supplier Relations

From the beginning we knew in order to be successful we needed to have strong positive relationships with all our Approved Suppliers™.

At GCP we consider our supplier relationships to be one of the key components to our success. Without them, we would not be able to compete in the markets and industries we do today.


Just as the three Chinese traditional gods; Fu, Lu and Shou (above) denote the attributes for a good life, we understand that ultimately each Approved Supplier™ we partner with is out for the same cause we are.

  • Take care of the customers. (Happiness - Fu)
  • Be profitable. (Fortune - Lu)
  • Grow the business. (Longevity - Shou)


If our Approved Supplier™ can’t make a profit then they won’t have money to invest in their equipment, people and systems. As a result, the finished product will suffer and thus GCP will suffer.  There is no winner by going down this path.


Instead, we aim to create mutually beneficial long-term relationships based on collaboration, shared risk and common goals. We’ve found when all parties involved are aligned, committed and held accountable, it fosters an environment where people are inspired to succeed.