Our Core Values

As we continue to grow our processes and strategies will change, but what we live by, our core values, value declarations and character will remain the same.

What We Live By

We believe in open, honest two-way communication as the foundation for the best relationships. For us, it’s important to act with integrity in all our interactions. To be dependable and to always do what we say we will.

Positive relationships that are respectful are a big part of what differentiates GCP. It’s the collaboration that allows us to accomplish more together than we would be able to do on our own.

In order for our business partners to feel positive about their relationship with us, you must feel engaged in your connection.

This is why we develop long-term relationships in all areas of our business. We feel if we protect our relationships then the opportunity to build trust and alignment will come.

From there, we know once trust exists the possibilities for growth and success are boundless.


Core Purpose

Why we exist:
Helping people and organizations grow.

Where we are going:
To be the most trusted source for high value industrial products.

What we do everyday:
We develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships by creating solutions that drive growth for all stakeholders.


Value Declarations

What we believe in; our principles:
‣ We believe in accountability.
‣ We operate with honesty and respect in everything we do.
‣ We believe in collaboration as the foundation for mutually beneficial relationships.
‣ We deeply appreciate the people and businesses we work with.
‣ We value continuous improvement.



How we act; our voice:
‣ Driven
‣ Knowledgeable
‣ Innovative
‣ Resourceful
‣ Forward-thinking
‣ Professional
‣ Listeners


Industries & Applications

From automotive, to mining, to food processing, the products we supply are far reaching. We help our customers get the materials they need so they can support their industries with confidence.

Industries We Serve