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For over 20 years Premlene has been leading the advancement of durable, quality consistent, long lasting recycled sheet rubber, roll after roll.

Through our Premlene brand we offer a complete line of recycled solid sheet rubber materials. From commercial (500-700 PSI) Neoprene, EPDM and Nitrile material, to high-performance ASTM, ISO, Aerospace, Automotive and AASHTO specification grades. For two decades we have been delivering recycled sheet rubber products across North America and Europe. With more than 100 million pounds of sheet rubber supplied, chances are you’ve used our material.

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Products Available
‣ Neoprene (40-80 duro)
‣ Nitrile (40-70 duro)
‣ EPDM (40-80 duro)
‣ SBR Black (50-80 duro)
‣ SBR Red (75 & 80 duro)
‣ Natural Rubber (40 & 60 duro)
‣ Butyl (60 & 70 duro)
‣ FKM (70 & 75 duro)
‣ Hypalon (50 & 60 duro)
‣ Matting (70 duro)
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Material Benefits
Given the wide variety of sheet rubber grades and polymers we offer, there are many different benefits these materials can provide. In general, here is a quick guide to the advantages each polymer type provides.

    • Neoprene – chemical resistant, ozone resistant, great general purpose material.
    • Nitrile – chemical resistant, oil resistant.
    • EPDM – age resistant, chemical resistant, heat resistant, high/low temperature range, oil resistant, ozone resistant, good for outdoor applications.
    • SBR – abrasion resistant, flexibility at low temperatures, impact resistant, cost effective general purpose material.
    • Natural Rubber – abrasion resistant, high strength, tear resistant.
    • Butyl – chemical resistant, oil resistant, ozone resistant, UV resistant, high/low temperature range.
    • FKM – chemical resistant, flame resistant, heat resistant, high/low temperature range, oil resistant, ozone resistant.
    • Hypalon – chemical resistant, color stability, high/low temperature range, oil resistant, ozone resistant, tear resistant.
    • Matting – abrasion resistant, cushioning, impact resistant, can be flame resistant.

Common Applications
The most common industrial uses for Premlene products include gaskets and seals. Sheet rubber provides good resistance to chemicals and can perform well in fully or semi-submerged conditions. In addition, its elastic properties also make it ideal for use in shock absorbing/vibration dampening applications. Here are some other popular end uses of our sheet rubber:

‣ Anti-Vibration Padding
‣ Automotive Bumper stops
‣ Automotive Interior Trim and Cording
‣ Bumper/Rubber Padding
‣ Conveyor Belting
‣ Cushioning Pads
‣ Flooring
‣ Window Wiper Blades
‣ Gaskets and Seals
‣ O-Rings
‣ Shock Absorbing
‣ Snow Plow Deflector Blades
‣ Surface/Shear Protection

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