The Importance of Clarity ft. Tracy Quinton: Season 0, Episode 2

Clarity Generates Confidence podcast with Gary Mottershead - Season 0, Episode 2

The Importance of Clarity ft. Tracy Quinton: Season 0, Episode 2

In this episode of Clarity Generates Confidence, Gary Mottershead speaks with long-time friend Tracy Quinton, Organizational Strategist and founder of Quinton Group.


Today’s discussion delves into the importance of having a clear path forward for you and your employees, and what that can really mean in regards to keeping a team motivated during turbulence.

Tracy also discusses how to help create clarity when you may not have all the answers, through both her personal and professional experiences working with organizations.

About Quinton Group:
Quinton Group’s focus is on achieving the organization’s objectives through in-depth exploration, strategic analysis of the way forward, implementation of exceptional programs that foster change, and the commitment to work with clients over the long term.

The Partnership for Results System™ is the core of Quinton Group. It is a unique process, whereby the Quinton Group and the client work together to determine a road-map for meeting the organization’s objectives. It consists of six key components, each of which results in a solid deliverable product. The client will gain value at each stage, resulting in complete flexibility to develop with the Quinton Group, the solution that is right for them.

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