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Our product services helps companies who want to buy, develop or manufacture a good outside their current supply chains.

Resources Within Reach

Through our product development history, R&D resources, manufacturing scale and dedication to customer support; we want to help you grow your business and increases your competitiveness.

We focus on delivering products which increase productivity for your distribution, converting, fabricating or manufacturing operations. Our goal is to save you time and money by making sure we provide you the best product supply solution for your organizational requirements.

With an established a production network that spans 3 continents and includes 7 of the top 10 most competitive manufacturing nations we can deliver a commercially competitive product, produced anywhere in the world.

We achieve this through our Risk-Free Supply Solutionprocess which can be adapted to support any or all of our five main services.


Product Development

Industrial or commercial goods can either be sourced off the shelf, modified to meet a need, developed from an existing product or created from scratch. What direction you prefer is dependent on a number of elements including price, lead times, product knowledge, design capability, existing sales, current supply chain relationships, agreements, and patience.

Through our initial call we will determine if we are the right partner to help you achieve your product goals. If not, we will likely be able to point you in the direction of someone who is.


Supplier Evaluation/Selection

Selecting where, how and who to produce your product is crucial to meeting your lead time requirements, overall quality needs and maintaining low production costs. Through our discussions we will develop a list of essential product criteria which we will use to identify the right factory partner for your product and business objectives.

We know how to engage suppliers during all phases of the selection process. You can chose to be involved by having direct factory communication (as much as you like) or we can facilitate the entire process for you. The choice is yours.


Production Management

Achieving a one percent or less production defect rate is essential to the success of your products, business and reputation in your marketplace. We will help define important quality metrics and put a program in place for the factory to follow and report back on.

Our support also includes factory audits of their overall capability, personnel and machinery, as well as the ability to provide certificates of compliance, test reports and other industry specific documentation you request.


Quality Management

Establishing reliable supply is arguably the most important part of product sourcing. There is no sense to go through all the hard work of setting up a new supply source just to end up with quality issues. We ensure your supplier is clear about the product specifications, quality measurements, packaging requirements or any other important conditions you want fulfilled.

We continue to work with the factory managers to ensure a full understanding of your product criteria is met order after order. Quality inspections will include determining: what percentage of the order will be inspected, the criteria for acceptance, and a process if the quality does not pass.


Logistics Services

From the production floor to your door, we have the expertise and resources to provide consistent, on-time delivery throughout North America and Europe. Through our long-standing relationships with international carriers and freight forwarders as well as our ability to consolidate shipments, we keep your transportation costs to a minimum.

We offer and have the ability to manage a full containers loads (FCL), less than container loads (LCL), full truck loads (FTL), less than truck loads (LTL), air shipments and courier shipments.

How To Get Started

If you would like to develop a product, find a new supplier, end inconsistent quality or fix your supply chain issues, we want to help. To get started today, book a free 20 minute consultation to learn what we can offer you.

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