Our Brands

The product supply side of our business focuses exclusively on rubber. We own and operate three industrial rubber brands: Premlene, National Silicone and Rubatex.


If you want to improve the quality of your rubber products, keep costs competitive and decrease your financial risks, we want to help you achieve that goal. Through our rubber brands you have access to over 4,200-line items, spread across three product lines. As your supply partner, we are committed to providing materials that meet your application requirements which is why our products are compliant with standards such as:

    • American Standard Test Methods (ASTM)
    • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    • General Motors Worldwide (GMW)
    • Honda Engineering Standard (HES)
    • Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems (RESS)
    • Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances (REACH)
    • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
    • Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA)
    • Toyota Engineering Standard (TSM)
    • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
    • United States Military Standard (MIL)

Whether you need an automotive, food-grade or commercial product, our rubber brands have the specifications you need to ensure your application demands are always met.

Quality Policy

GCP Industrial Products prides itself on providing high quality products to our customers that are consistent with our published product specifications as well as relevant legal and regulatory requirements. GCP’s entire organization is responsible for quality control through our Quality Management System seeking continual improvement by regular review, with all GCP partners being encouraged to cooperate. GCP is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by the use of quality procedures which are operated to meet or exceed the requirements of the current version of ISO 9001.



All our brands serve their marketplaces in different ways – but all with the same focus of delivering on quality, price and customer service.


We offer a complete recycled sheet rubber product line with everything from commercial (500-700 PSI) Neoprene, EPDM and Nitrile materials, to high-performance ASTM, ISO, Aerospace, Automotive and AASHTO specification grades. Covering all major elastomer types, our sheet rubber is manufactured in continuous rolls, and is available in various durometers, sizes, thicknesses, tolerances and with fabric inserts.

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Our series of solid silicone, silicone sponge and silicone foam are designed for premium performance. They provide excellent resistance to chemicals and fluids and are an ideal choice for extreme temperature environments in gaskets and sealing applications. Manufactured in continuous rolls, these products are available in various durometers, firmness grades, sizes, thicknesses, grades and tolerances.

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Our range of Neoprene/EPDM/SBR blended closed cell sponges are carefully designed to ensure the best combination of cost and performance. These general-purpose materials are manufactured in buns (size is 3″ x 54″ x 80″) as well as continuous rolls (various lengths and widths), and available in three grades (2A1, 2A2, 2A3).

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What You Get With GCP

As our product line continues to evolve and expand, our focus on relationships stays the same. We consider our relationships to be the most critical component to our success. Without them, we would not be able to compete in the markets and industries we do today.

In order for our business partners to feel positive about their relationship with us, here are some of the ways we support them so that they can maintain their confidence in us.

1. Product quality guarantee
2. Overall delivered quality rating
3. Inventory conveniently located around North America
4. Best in class customer and technical support
5. 20 years in business
6. Family company

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