Risk-Free Supply Solution

Turn your supplier issues into increased competitiveness and business growth.

Our Solution

Before your high valued industrial products can be put to good use. They must first be engineered, tested, manufactured and transported. That’s where we come in.

With a focus of delivering on performance, price and customer service, we understand the pressure to reduce cost, streamline supply chains or the importance of determining new avenues of business to compete in.

Having created several multimillion-dollar product lines, we have a supply network that spans 3 continents and includes 7 of the top 10 most competitive manufacturing nations.

What You Get


  • 100% Quality Guarantee: This means you will never be out of pocket for any material you can not process or sell when you purchase through us.
  • Increased Competitiveness: For 20 years we have been delivering supply solutions that reduce lead times, deliver new products, decrease material costs and improve performance.
  • Complexity into Simplicity: Using our process, we can facilitate the communication, supervise the project, inspect the orders, manage the supply chain and guarantee the quality.
  • Peace of mind: Risk-Free means eliminating any concerns or dangers with your sourcing purchases. Risk-Free also means you are financially secure until you know the products work  for you.


Our Process

Our methodology is designed to achieve a commercially salable product, produced anywhere in the world. Our five step process is adaptable, and can include everything from initial product development to supply chain management to order financing.

Stop being at the mercy of your current suppliers dictating the terms. Get the products that help you win more business, on the shelf, and in stock.

What's Included

No matter what your warehouse needs our Risk-Free Supply Solution™ can help. Here are some of the ways our process can turn your supplier issues into competitive strengths.

‣ 100% product quality guarantee delivery (on GCP managed orders)
‣ Competitive product pricing (negotiated on your behalf, if desired)
‣ Direct communication with factory employees
‣ Industry specific engineering support
‣ Logistics, brokerage & customs management
‣ Ongoing technical support
‣ Order financing
‣ Order forecasting (sales & operations planning support)
‣ Order processing
‣ Product and material development
‣ Product and material testing
‣ Transparent supply chain reports
‣ Weekly order updates

Step One

The Opportunity Qualifier

We start with a phone call, video conference or face to face visit.

Our goal is to understand what outcome(s) you wish to achieve, your ideal cost structure and project timeline.

This step allows both sides to learn from one another and decide if a mutually beneficial win, win relationship can exist.

Once the path forward has been accepted, our team will get to work. Depending on the services we have agreed on, you can expect your project timeline to be anywhere from 3 to 18 months.

Step Two

The Vital Factors Checklist

With your help, we identify your essential product criteria. Everything from material specifications to communication preferences to product packaging needs.

The information gathered here becomes the blueprint for our success together. We will approve production partners that meet all the requirements contained in the checklist.

At this stage we will ask you for product samples (if they exist). This is to help speed up development and remove any assumptions that might have been made about the product.

Step Three

The Real Savings Formula

Everyone wants to save money, but not at the sacrifice or poor quality.

By matching your essential product requirements to an approved production partner, we remove the possibility of receiving off-spec material. This is achieved through site visits, factory audits, and sample testing. Some of the elements we review include:

‣ Product quality
‣ Product cost
‣ Production expertise
‣ Production efficiency
‣ Management team capability
‣ Engineering capability
‣ Overall experience and history

Step Four

The Risk-Free Trial Order

Once your factory partner is selected, we move to the lab sample (if necessary)/production sample phase.

Once the production sample has been approved by you, you are ready for real world application testing. This stage is as long as you need it to be to ensure the product works for the operating environment.

After testing is complete, we ask you to place a trial order which is a small commercial order so you can once again confirm acceptable performance of the product.

This step is risk-free because if the product does not show up as the vital factors have indicated, then you do not pay. If it does, everything proceeds as normal, and we proceed to full commercial orders.

Step Five

The Vital Factors Confirmation

After approving the trial order, the next step is organizing full orders.

If we are managing your orders, we will keep you informed with weekly updates, pre-delivery inspection reports and take care of any supply issues that might arise.

If we are not managing your orders, this marks the end of your successful engagement with us.

How To Get Started

If you would like to end your logistics delays, inconsistent quality, supply chain issues, communication errors, or slow developments, we want to help. To get started today, book a free 20 minute consultation to hear what we can offer you.

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