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Since 2015, the National Silicone brand has been committed to supplying the highest performing silicone products you can get.


Our silicone products are constructed using a high silicone polymer mixture which translates to exceptional performance across all grades and durometers. Designed with a long service life in mind, these materials provide excellent resistance to chemicals, fluids, and extreme temperature environments. Manufactured in continuous rolls, in standard and specification grades and with a smooth surface finish on both sides.


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Solid Sheet Products Available
‣ Commercial Grade (40-80 duro)
‣ FDA Grade (40-80 duro)
‣ ZZ-R-765 Grade (40-80 duro)
‣ Electrically Conductive (70 duro)
‣ Fiberglass Reinforced (70 duro)


Closed Cell Sponge Products Available
‣ Soft Density (3-8 psi)
‣ Medium Density (ASTM3195)
‣ Medium Density (UL 94 HB)
‣ Medium Density (UL 94 V-0)
‣ Medium Density (GMW16392)
‣ Firm Density (ASTM3196)


Closed Cell Foam Products Available
‣ Soft Density (UL 94 V-0/FDA 21 CFR 177.260)
‣ Medium Density (ASTM D1056 2D2/UL 94 V-0/FDA 21 CFR 177.260/AMS3195)


Material Benefits
Our silicone sheet is a non-toxic, long lasting, high performance material. Able to operate in extreme temperatures it also possesses excellent weathering, oxidation and ozone resistant characteristics. As such, it is an ideal choice for gasket and sealing applications where a premium solid sheet material is needed.

    • Food Safe – for food applications that are not in direct contact with food items.
    • Ozone & UV Resistant – very good weathering properties makes it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.
    • Temperature Resistant – excellent material for extreme hot or cold applications.


Common Applications
Our silicone can be converted or fabricated into many products. These end uses typically require materials that are dependable and can deliver outstanding performance while meeting critical safety standards in harsh working environments. For solid silicone sheets from the National Silicone line, end uses include:

‣ Automotive – seals & vibration damping pads
‣ Construction – gaskets, seals & vibration damping pads
‣ Food & Beverage – gasket & seals
‣ LED Lighting – gaskets, strips & seals
‣ Mass Transit – insulation & vibration damping pads
‣ Oil & Gas – gaskets, insulation & seals


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