Episode 64: Rethinking Retirement

Podcast Paul Bourbonniere

Episode 64: Rethinking Retirement

Tune in as Paul Bourbonniere – Founder & Principal at Polson Bourbonniere Derby Wealth Management with iA Private Wealth – joins Gary to discuss ways in which you can finance your future without sacrificing too much up front. Paul emphasizes the importance of making sure that you have the resources to support yourself and your family in the next phase of life and shares how retirement planning is like painting a picture of a vast new frontier, as there is so much discovery, learning, and adventure on the horizon.

Polson Bourbonniere Derby is a full service Wealth Management and Financial Planning Team. They employ their unique Worry Free Retirement Experience™ process which focuses on providing their clients with just that – a Worry Free Retirement.

Trade name: Polson Bourbonniere Derby Wealth Management

Dealer name: iA Private Wealth

Registered title: Investment Advisor, iA Private Wealth and Insurance Advisor, iA Private Wealth Insurance.

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