Episode 82: Breaking Down Osteoporosis

Podcast Taher Mahmud

Episode 82: Breaking Down Osteoporosis

Welcome to the first episode of our special 4-part health series where we have invited knowledgeable guests to discuss significant health topics that will empower you to manage your well-being effectively.

In this episode, we will be discussing osteoporosis, a condition that affects over 200 million people worldwide. Our guest today is Dr. Taher Mahmud, the Clinical Lead for Osteoporosis and Consultant Rheumatology and Co-Founder of London Osteoporosis Clinic. Listen in as Dr. Mahmud recounts his personal journey that led him to pursue a career in medicine and he offers valuable insights into the key lifestyle changes that can effectively prevent osteoporosis. Dr. Mahmud also discusses the challenges in getting accurate information about bone health to individuals and his plan of eradicating osteoporosis by 2040 through education, research, and early intervention.

Dr. Mahmud’s expertise provides valuable information on how to prevent osteoporosis and the importance of early intervention in its treatment. Join us next time for the second episode of our series which features the Owner of Eramosa Physiotherapy, Jackie Sinkeldam.



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