Episode 90: Setting Your Financial GPS

Podcast Alison Mueller

Episode 90: Setting Your Financial GPS

Welcome to the latest episode of Clarity Generates Confidence. In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Alison Mueller, the Owner/Founder/Wealth Engineer, Coach and Money Supply Chain Specialist™ at ⁠Mueller Asset Strategies⁠. Alison is an expert in guiding professionals through the complexities of finance, helping them overcome money supply chain disruptions, avoiding financial pitfalls, and taking charge of their money and investments.

Listen in as Alison sheds light on how businesses and individuals can effectively address money supply chain disruptions while also emphasizing the importance of mapping out your financial goals. While saving for retirement remains crucial, it may not be enough to ensure true financial freedom. Alison will explain why relying solely on a U.S.401K/RSP(Canada) might fall short and will explore additional investment opportunities to help you build lasting wealth.

Alison also discusses her new project based on the book “9 Money Mistakes Doctor’s Make” by Dr. Rackner, which is an all in one webinar with an Offer of a personalized Financial GPS/X-Ray to assess exactly where you are now compared to where you want to be for your desired financial future. In addition to the GPS/X-Ray, there is a free bonus course focused on avoiding financial pitfalls and improving your money supply chain. Modular learning lets you navigate your financial journey at your own pace and subject (Money Mistake) you would like to learn about.

Join us for the upcoming free webinar by registering here:  9 Money Mistakes Doctors make-webinar

Get in touch with Alison to explore ways of optimizing your lifelong earnings potential: www.talk2ali.com