GCP Partners With RoadLaunch & FactR To Provide Next Generation Supply Chain & Settlement Services.

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GCP Partners With RoadLaunch & FactR To Provide Next Generation Supply Chain & Settlement Services.

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Kitchener, Ontario | July 25, 2019

RoadLaunch (roadlaunch.com), FactR (factrpay.io) and GCP Industrial Products (GCP) have signed a multi-year partnership to bring trust and traceability to international transactions and logistics management. Through a white labelled Blockchain platform, created by RoadLaunch, GCP will be able to leverage smart contracts for instant settlement in North America & Asia. As well as, facilitate trusted, multi-model supply chain transactions, with digital identities for sea and ground freight. This technology advancement brings a new level of automation to GCP which places them at the forefront of their industry.

The strength of RoadLaunch, an IBM certified solutions partner, is their proprietary next-generation logistics platform with enabled IoT-driven smart contracts. This platform will help bring confidence and openness to GCP’s network, and this partnership, will further showcase the benefits trusted transactions can provide global supply chain networks. 

David Milnes, VP of Sales of Roadlaunch/FactR adds: “This partnership is not only exciting, but adds a level of digitization, trust, and transparency not found in other logistics supply chain platforms. With this type of automation, GCP’s network will get full visibility through their supply chain, as well get trusted transaction settlement with our digital wallet.”   

Gary Mottershead, President of GCP Industrial Products: “We are excited to partner with RoadLaunch/FactR, who through their blockchain platform are able to provide greater security and transparency for our international transactions. This partnership will not only help us scale our business, but also provide us the opportunity to become part of a trusted and growing global network of forward-thinking companies.”

About Roadlaunch:

RoadLaunch is an IBM certified solutions partner, which provides a platform for next-generation logistics, enabled with IoT-driven smart contracts, and is working to close the gap on trusted transactions for global supply chains and logistics. Our mission is to bring decentralized, immutable Blockchain technologies to the logistics and freight industry, advancing and enhancing supply chain transparency, and enabling trusted global freight, fleet and logistics transactions management. RoadLaunch operates in 3 continents and serves the full range of small to large, multi-national corporations in over 12 countries.

About GCP Industrial Products:

GCP Industrial Products specializes in the sourcing and delivery of industrial materials across the globe. Our rubber division owns and operates three industrial rubber brands including, Rubatex Sponge Rubber, Premlene Sheet Rubber, and National Silicone. Our sourcing division helps organizations develop, manufacture, buy, sell and transport industrial products across Asia, Europe and North America. GCP has offices in Canada and China along with sales and production partnerships across three continents and 10 countries.