Presidents Note: GCP’S 20th Anniversary

GCP Industrial Products 20th anniversary logo in blue and black - GCP Industrial Products

Presidents Note: GCP’S 20th Anniversary

In August 1999 GCP Elastomeric Inc. (GCP) was founded and incorporated as an operating company. At the time, I never expected I would be here 20 years later writing about this milestone.

GCP began as an idea. The concept was to use recycled tire rubber to produce rubber matting in China for industrial customers. The part I still get hung up from time to time is the fact that it worked! 

The initial concept through to today, GCP has evolved into North America’s largest import supplier of commercial rubber and silicone sheet. As I reflect on the past 20 years, I truly appreciate, that the reason we are still here with more opportunity ahead, is due to the support of our entire GCP network; customers, factory partners, and GCP team in North America and China.

GCP has been guided by our core purpose of helping people and organizations grow, along with our mission of developing mutually beneficial long term relationships. We apply these principles to each and every relationship we have. I believe this is how we create value for all our network. Our GCP factory partners have blossomed into some of the Worlds best in class manufacturers. Several of our customers have grown more than 5X while working with us. Our team continues to push boundaries and exceeded their own belief of what is possible for them. 

The better part is everyone in our group believes like we are just getting started.

The same goes for GCP’s 20th Anniversary. We will be celebrating our 20th for the next 12 months. We will have more activities and events to commemorate our past as we prepare for the next 20 years.

I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for believing in GCP and allowing us to support your growth. We would not be here to celebrate this milestone if it were not for you.

Thank you,