Tariffs to be Imposed as of October 1st, 2019

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Tariffs to be Imposed as of October 1st, 2019

To GCP’s American Customers,

On August 23rd, 2019, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) confirmed the U.S. Administration’s intent to increase Section 301 tariffs (duties) on Chinese origin products by 5%. This means the current duty of 25% will be rising to 30%. 

It is expected the increase will be applied based on the U.S. Customs entry date, or the date applicable products are entered for consumption, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after October 1st, 2019 for Chinese products on List 1List 2 and List 3.

As a reminder the following products would be impacted by the October 1st, 2019 tariffs increase:

– Premlene Sheet Rubber & Engineered Structures
– National Silicone, solid and sponge
– Ceramic Tiles
– Clamps (Worm Gear and RC), Couplings (Shielded and No Hub) and Shear Bands  
– Hose (Rubber, PVC & TPU) with and without fittings

As a result of these new enforcement’s we are working on a plan to support our customers. In the coming days we will outline our thoughts to lessen any impact these new tariffs will have on your business and with your customers.

In the mean time, we are always available to answer any questions you might have and appreciate your continued partnership through these changes.

The GCP Team